Hiya! I’m Sophie, the fashion buyer with a bit of a travel bug! 😉

I first started writing theineffabletravels.com in January 2017. My main aim was to create a place where I could document my travels, share my travel tips and inspire others to go on amazing adventures!

I love travel, I like writing and I enjoy taking pictures so blogging has become the perfect hobby for me. I use most of my spare time to travel, but when I am not adventuring I live in London and work as a fashion buyer.

By no means am I claiming to be a travel expert, a perfect writer or brilliant photographer! There are many places I have yet to visit, and I am always looking for inspiration for my next travel destination. Blogs are my personal go to for travel tips so I thought I’d have a go at writing one myself…

If you do decide to have a mooch around, you can expect to see a mix of travel guides from places I have been, a few random life posts and some general travel tips that work for me. All pictures and content on theineffabletravels.com is written or taken by me, unless otherwise credited.

Please feel free to comment and thanks for reading! 🙂