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New year, new blog…

If you are reading this it means I have actually stuck to my new years resolution and FINALLY launched my blog, so welcome!

I have been working on theineffabletravels for the past few months on and off, but having moved country, started a new job and enjoyed some time off at Christmas I fell a bit behind so decided to make it my 2017 goal to sort it out and launch it in the new year…

With winter blues kicking in and everyone thinking about booking summer holidays it felt like perfect timing. It also coincides with my recent adventure to Iceland, so watch out for a post on that in the next couple of weeks…

As you can see I have a few posts up already of places I have visited over the past year such as Japan, Sri Lanka, Italy and the USA, but as I am back tracking a little bit there will definitely be more to come!

For 2017 I have a longgg list of places I’d like to visit and hopefully can try and tick as many as I can off my list by the end of the year. These are some of the  places I am currently lusting over…

Lisbon, Portugal: I have only heard amaaazing things about this city and it looks like it has a bit of everything I love from a holiday destination: beach, culture and good food! I have never been to Portugal, but I’m hoping to plan a weekend over here sometime soon.

Montenegro: Sandwiched between Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Albania my interest in Montenegro comes after I went on a little road trip around Croatia last year… It was 100% the most beautiful European country I have been to and I have heard Montenegro is even more impressive so I think it is a must go to this year!

Tulum, Mexico: Lately this place has been splattered all over my Instagram and everything about it looks incredible so I’d like to go and see if it lives up to my expectations… Tulum is much more chilled than the more popular Mexican resorts such as Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, but I think Tulum is going to be the next big Mexican tourist hot spot and I am very keen to try it out before it gets too over crowded.

Central America: I only really acknowledged interest in this area of the world recently when I was looking for a pre-christmas tan destination, having done some research Central America looks like a very good option for some winter sun later on this year… I would really love to check out either Belize or Guatemala.

India: After my little adventure to Sri Lanka last year my interest in India has grown immensely. I am incredibly intrigued by the culture, I have started to get quite in to Indian food and Goa sunsets just look insane so I really hope at some point I manage to get over there.

Watch this space to see how many I manage to tick off my list 🙂


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