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Solo Adventures In New York…

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Working for an american fashion brand has it’s perks. One being regular visits stateside to one of my favourite cities in the world, New York. Over the past 18 months I have been lucky enough to visit New York a grand total of 7 times. The main purpose of my trips to New York is for work obviously, but I always make sure I save some time for a little bit of play…

I am almost always on my own on my trips to New York. Luckily I quite like my own company and am more than happy to go on adventures on my own. For some, being alone in such a big city could be a daunting experience… I personally think New York is the perfect place for a solo trip! New York is such an exciting city, there’s so much to do and see a travel buddy would just get in your way ;)… PLUS this city is full of solo travelers and chatty New Yorkers it wouldn’t be difficult to find some company if it was needed.

Top tip for meeting fellow travelers is to hang out in the social areas at your hotel, or sit at the bar during dinner. On my last trip I actually managed to meet someone on the side of the street, we were heading to the same place and ended up sharing a cab.

Every time I visit New York I always try to make the most of my time in the city, I love trying out new hotels on each of my visits, eating at cool restaurants and exploring in my spare time! All of my recommendations are more than suitable for solo travellers. Here is a roundup of some of my favourite New York spots…

Where I stay in New York…

My office in New York is in the midtown area, so this is where I tend to stay. Some of my go to hotels are…


For a room with a view and hipster vibes… The Arlo Nomad, East 31st St.

For big rooms and huge comfy beds… The Roger, East 31st St/Madison Avenue.

For all round great service… The Redbury, East 29th St.


For party vibes and rooftop pool views… The Royalton Park Avenue (formally known as The Gansevoort), East 29th St/Park Avenue.

I would recommend all of the above hotels for a stay in midtown New York. It is hard to pick a favourite as they are all good for different reasons. All of these hotels are within easy walking distance of Times Square, New York Library, Empire State Building, Rockerfeller Center, Macy’s and Madison Square Gardens. For trips up and downtown there is a subway on East 28th St/Park Avenue.  All of these hotels are priced between $270-$350 per night (depending on time of year).

Where I eat in New York…

As a bit of a foodie I LOVE eating out in New York. The sad part is I usually don’t have any company to enjoy dinner with… Going for a meal solo can be a daunting experience, but when you are eating good food it makes it much more enjoyable. Instead of sitting in my hotel room by myself and ordering room service, I usually try to make an effort to eat out. New York has SOOOO many amazing places to eat at it would be such a waste to not try them.

CONFESSION: If I have had a busy day or am jet lagged I will sometimes get an UBER EATS to my hotel room, which is also a good way to taste the culinary offerings of New York, just from the comfort of your bed.

These are some of my fave places to go when I do eat out…

Lunch Spots…

For a healthy chicken bowl… Fields Good Chicken, East 32nd St/Madison Avenue.

For incredible fresh falafel & hummous… Nanoosh, Madison Avenue.

Dinner Spots…


For the best Korean food… Her Name is Han, East 31st St.

For a fun atmosphere and mouth watering smores… The Smith, East 29th St/Broadway.


For all things Italian… Eataly, FlatIron.

For pizza that dreams are made of… Julianas Pizza, Dumbo Brooklyn.

Dessert Spots…


For those with a sweet tooth… Sweet Churros, Food Gallery 32, West 32nd St.

My Favourite Things to do in New York…

Rooftop Drinking… On the odd occasion I do have friends to go out with in New York I love to check out one of the many rooftop bars to enjoy a drink with a view. A couple of spots I would recommend are…


Salvation Taco, East 39th St – On the top of the Pod 39 hotel lies a pretty spectacular rooftop bar. This is a great one to come to for sunset. Make sure you get here early as the bouncer stops letting people up in the lift once the bar is at full capacity.


The Heights @ Arlo Nomad, East 31st St – This was a recent discovery of mine. This bars unique selling point is it’s glass bottom floor. Don’t look down if you are scared of heights.


Chinatown/Soho… This is my favourite area to go for a wander. There are so many cool boutiques, quirky restaurants, cool galleries and interesting street art to check out. A bit of street art I highly recommend hunting down is this Tiger. You can find him at 186 Lexington St.

Smorgasburg Market


Smorgasburg Market This is the ultimate foodporn destination. In the summer this is the place to be every weekend! On Saturdays you can find Smogasburg at East River State Park in Williamsburg, as well as enjoying a delicious and creative treat you are also blessed with amazing manhattan views in the background. On Sundays the market is at Prospect Park in Brookyln.


Williamsburg… This has got to be the coolest neighborhood in New York! I visited Williamsburg in June so it was a lovely sunny day, everyone was out and about and in good spirits. Along the main street there was a festival going on. Williamsburg has loads of cute shops, fab brunch spots and is also home to the famous Brooklyn Brewery. I couldn’t get in on a busy summers day, but The Wythe Hotel is supposed to be amazing spot for rooftop drinking & views.

Chelsea Market… Chelsea Market is a good place for a wander. This indoor market is magical at all times of year, however it really comes alive at Christmas time.

flat iron


Street Food Fairs… In both Summer and Winter in New York you will come across some kind of pop up street food fair. One of my favourite Summer ones is Madison Square Eats, which is located right next to the Flat Iron building. Last summer they had pop ups of popular Brooklyn eateries Robertas Pizza and Lukes Lobster, both are AMAZING and definitely a must try! Other Street Fests I have come across have been in Union Square and Herald Square.

I’ve got 3 more trips lined up to New York this year, so I will keep posted on any new discoveries. Please feel free to send me your recommendations if you have any. I’m always up for trying new places 🙂

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